Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New brows, New friends.

          Tonight Kristina and I tried out a fab new find, Arch Apothecary, and let me tell you, we are in LOVE!
 Our new friend, Betsy is the owner, and she is amazing! Everyone there is! We both got our brows shaped and no,it wasn't "wax, wax & you're done!" Betsy took the time to educate us on our brows, took her time waxing, penciled them in and during this was very personable. Everything in the apothecary is divine, from the flooring to the decor!  They offer wax services, express facials, even make-up for your wedding day! We highly recommend all of our local readers to check it out!  Thanks Betsy for a great, first experience!

Go check it out!



  1. Replies
    1. Definitely! Thanks for checking out our blog! XO

  2. cute pictures! i need my brows done!


    1. We were LONG over due ourselves! Thanks for checking us out! XO


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