Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get Fit.

I don't know about you but I have had a rough winter!  Winters in the Mid-West
seem extra long and depressing.  I know fitness should be a year round commitment but
when the days are cold and you are all bundled up, thinking about swimsuit season is the
last thing on your mind!  Since spring/summer is right around the corner I figured it was 
time to get into gear and get in shape! Kristina and I started bootcamp about a month ago 
and it feels GREAT to get moving, it's very intense and is at 5:30 am but we LOVE it!  
Go us!  I hope this post motivates you to get moving, even if it's just for a walk! 

Happy exercising! 



  1. Do you chicks wear green boots to bootcamp? LOL
    I'm definitely gonna kick a** to acheive the best body I can ... Thanks for the inspiration ... BTW, do not place pics of pigs and cows, neither animal nor human on your fridge!!! Use the skinny gal in this ad, because it will absolutely be the best way to start your day.


We {seriously} adore hearing from you! Thanks for the comment,love!